Consciousness and the Universe

Published on by Catherine Toulsaly

How do we perceive the link between the Universe in which we all live and Consciousness that we all share?  


This blog will be in English, a change from a blog that I carried thru for the past 8 years at but since a lot of my sources are in English, it comes as a natural decision from now on that I write on the subject in English. Based on my schedule, I’ll try to post an article every two weeks more or less.


I will need at first to figure out what's the best approach moving forward: should I work in French and then rewrite the text in English? Write both texts at the same time? Or should I simply use this blog as a notepad that gathers the different quotes and sources?


I  also will need to strike the right balance between the academic rigor needed for my articles in English and my own sense of poetry. That is the hardest part to not let the poet’s mind run wild. As the English poet John Keats wrote “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”, which I take less as an assessment of reality and more as a guiding principle that I, an individual, and humanity, as a whole, pursue.


I wish this blog to be limited in scope on the link between the Universe and Consciousness. I struggled to find the right fit for the domain name., though too long, has the benefit to be self-explanatory. I tossed around a few ideas like sharedconsciousness or shareduniverse. Neither seems to emphasize an important point for me: a focus on the relation between Consciousness and the Universe, that is turned to the future.  


Frankly, I am not sure whether this blog will fly given the extra work that it entails but I thought I’ll give it a shot. Give it a year. Writing in English for me is one more challenge that I want to take on and if anyone wishes to share their own thoughts in a post on the relation between Consciousness and the Universe, let me know. Based on what I started to do with, there is I believe a lot that can be said.  


The way that I write usually goes like this : I ask a lot of questions that might remain unanswered and put forward statements that might be unsettling at first. This is the way to move forward in order to find some answers and challenge a few dogmas along the way.


I dare to say that I believe philosophy is not dead. It is there to explain the unexplained and the mathematical riddles crafted by scientists. I prefer poetry because poets are playful and irreverent, unaware of boundaries. I also came into the realization that I do not believe in a self after writing on the subject lately, thanks to Thomas Metzinger. What I believe in is consciousness filling space and time, physically inhabiting us.


With time I will sort out my earlier articles in French in order to pick the most relevant materials for further study and post some excerpts in English.


On my ongoing quest for authenticity, I will not sign this blog with my pen name Ysia but with my real name Catherine Toulsaly.

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