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How do we perceive the link between the Universe in which we all live and Consciousness that we all share? What exactly binds the two together?

This two-year blog has been “an interstice of unreason” and will be “briefly felt, then passing,” in the timeless Universe. It has undertaken a long work of understanding and incorporating an infinite number of points of view on the nature of the bond between the Universe and Consciousness. It is meant to initiate a dialogue with sensitive beings and creative souls, and will continue to unfold like an “imaginal puzzle” that makes “sense on one level, nonsense on another”. I will let readers decide where reality hides and fiction lies. I thank those who have joined this dialogue. Your perspective on the subject inspires me.

During COVID, I have been more prolific, writing four or even five posts each month since last Spring. I wish to slow down my pace and to limit the number of posts to two per month. After two years and 67 posts, I still hear a different drummer and express more confidence about the way I feel. Here is where I stand today:

  1. I believe in the emotion of time that stirs the soul of the Universe.
  2. I have stated that I intuitively feel that time comes first. Either time comes first, or time simply does not exist.
  3. The Universe reveals itself by expressing itself and knows itself through every bit of experience. 
  4. After writing a recent post on agency, I am hesitant to say, for now, whether every bit of experience is a form of consciousness.
  5. We will solve the mystery of consciousness if we crack the code of time.

I am told that I am the Neptunian type for my love of the unknown and my exploration of the strange or the foreign, that in my discovery of the human soul, I have the gift of perceiving others. My quest may be messy and lacking discipline, but it makes it all the more enjoyable. I only thrive on intuition, imagination, and sensitivity, hopelessly dedicated to those qualities. Although I wish it to be a collective ideal, I know that it is a solitary path.

I am contemplative in nature, painfully receptive towards atmospheres, places and people. For that I have cultivated the art of letting go. I follow my inspirations for better or for worse. Is that  a chimerical goal? To the best of my ability, I will continue to strike the right balance between science, philosophy, and poetry.


Catherine Toulsaly

December 2020


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